Contacting Dell Support

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Dell computers purchased from Brunswick Bowling Products LLC carry a minimum 3-year warranty with Dell. The warranty and support contract provides the bowling center with Dell labor and replacement parts during the warranty period. When support is requested, Dell will perform a remote diagnosis to determine the cause, and when required, Dell will dispatch a technician for onsite service. Onsite service from Dell will be provided within the Next Business Day after the remote diagnosis is completed by Dell.

Prior to Contacting Dell Support

Before reaching out to Dell, please contact Brunswick Technical Support (BTS). The BTS team will be able to perform some preliminary troubleshooting steps with the Dell computer, and the BTS technician will be able to provide further guidance on whether Dell Support should be enlisted in the corrective action. In many instances, the issue with the Dell hardware can be resolved with the assistance of BTS, and Dell need not be called on for support. BTS can be reached at 1-800-YES-BOWL Option 3, 1.

Researching Remaining Dell Warranty

Access the Dell Support Website:

Enter the Service Tag of the computer in the field shown below and click the search icon to find your computer.

Upon loading your computers information, the main page will show you the current warranty coverage and expiration for the Dell computer.

Note the type of service you have in order to contact the proper support number below.


Where the Service Tag on a Dell Computer is Located

Depending on the model server or client, the service tag will be located in one of the following locations:

  • Top of the PC tower
  • On the side of the computer
  • On a slide out on the front of the tower with a blue tab

Dell Support Numbers

Dell Pro Support (US): 1-866-362-5350

Dell Basic Support (US): 1-800-456-3355

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