Contacting Samsung Warranty Support

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Samsung monitors purchased from Brunswick Bowling Products LLC carry a minimum 3-year warranty with Samsung. The warranty and support contract provides the bowling center with Samsung labor and replacement parts during the warranty period. When support is requested, Samsung will perform an over the phone diagnosis to determine the cause, and when required, Samsung will dispatch a technician for onsite service.

Prior to Contacting Samsung Support

Before reaching out to Samsung, please contact Brunswick Technical Support (BTS). The BTS team will be able to perform some preliminary troubleshooting steps, and the BTS technician will be able to provide further guidance on whether Samsung Warranty Support should be enlisted in the corrective action. Depending on the situation, the issue with the Samsung monitor may be resolved with the assistance of BTS, and Samsung need not be called on for support. BTS can be reached at 1-800-YES-BOWL Option 3, 1.

Information Needed for Samsung Support Call

You will need to gather the following information before you contact Samsung in order to be assisted.

  • Brunswick's Business Product number (BBP#) - 5080153001
  • Document the Model and Serial Number of the defective monitor, located on the sticker on the back of the unit.
    Examples below
  • Contact Samsung Support at 866-726-4249 (866-SAM-4BIZ)
  • Select Option 2, Option 1, then Option 1 again for LFD/Signage products.
  • Provide the Samsung technician with the monitor information and as much detail regarding the monitor issue as possible. Samsung will then generate a service ticket and determine the resolution path for the issue. Samsung will either have a member of their service team repair the monitor onsite or elect to replace the monitor. This is done at Samsung’s discretion.

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