Newest Float Level Sensor Replacement (Small Diameter)

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Installation instructions of the newest float level sensor (smaller diameter) in the matching newest tanks. Please check your machine S/N to confirm this is the correct sensor. This applies to all MAX machines S/N 4162 or later. Machines prior to 4162 are not compatible with this newer, smaller, float sensor. Entire tank assembly replacement is required to ensure compatibility. 


1. Remove the old level sensor.

2. Clean the tank and components using IPA 99.

3. Remove the nut from the Level Sensor (14-101942-000). Ensure that the rubber gasket is installed.

4. Attach the Level Sensor to a stiff tie wire as shown. It may be helpful to wrap this connection with tape to prevent snags.

5. Feed the free end of the Tie Wire into the large fill hole on the tank until the end of the tie wire shows at the mounting hole for the sensor. It may be necessary to pre-bend the Tie Wire to anticipate the shape needed to achieve this.

6. Pull the free end of the Tie Wire through the sensor mounting hole while feeding the other end into the fill hole. It may be helpful to use pliers. Pull the sensor all the way to the sensor mounting hole. If the sensor is getting caught on the metal tubes located in the tank, it may be necessary to remove them.

CAUTION - Pulling with any force on a sensor that is caught or stuck can cause damage to the wiring and/or connector.

7. Feed the nut over the free end of the wire and loosely install the sensor. You may now remove the Tie Wire.

8. Position the sensor so the pointed indicator is pointing up (as it relates to the tank as installed in the machine in the operating position). The curved side should face down. First turn the nut until the slack is taken up and the sensor is not loose, then tighten the nut ½ turn with a 1” wrench or an adjustable wrench. Tightening more than ½ turn can damage the sensor and cause leaks. It may be necessary to hold the sensor with pliers to keep it from turning while tightening the nut.

9. Once installed, add a slight amount of fluid to check for leaks. If there are no leaks, reassemble the tank completely and install into the machine. Run the pump in diagnostics and check for leaks once more.

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