Welcome to the Brunswick Help Center!

This document will explain the process to register with the Brunswick Help Center.


From the homepage click the Sign in button ​ to start your initial login.


Once you arrive at the login screen below, you will need to click the Forgot password button.


On the screen below, enter the email account you have used previously to communicate with Brunswick and click Submit

NOTE: Only email accounts that have been previously used to communicate with Brunswick Support will be authorized to access the Help Center.



You will then receive an email similar to the one below with your password reset link.


​You will need to create your new password on the page that opens, which will then give you access to the Help Center.


The Brunswick Help Center is currently a work in progress, with new content being added weekly. We ask for your patience as we grow and continue to add new content.


Please make sure to follow any sections in the Help Center that interest you, as this will allow you to receive notices when new content is posted.


Upon your first login, please review our guide on the Help Center located HERE.

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