Contacting Brunswick Warranty

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General Information

This document will guide users through the process of creating a warranty claim with Brunswick Bowling Products.

Please make sure to review the Brunswick Warranty Guide to confirm the warranty periods on your products: Warranty Schedules


Filing a Warranty Claim with Brunswick

Accessing the Brunswick Warranty Claim Form

Brunswick Warranty claims are accepted through our company website. Navigate to the address below to start the claim process.


Filling in the Warranty Claim Form

Select the Type of Claim value accordingly

  • Consumer - Claims for Bowling balls, bags, shoes, and bowler accessories
  • Aftermarket - Claims for purchased parts, pins, Lane Care Supplies, Lane Machines
    • Note: If parts were purchased through a distributor, the distributor will need to file the claim.
  • Capital - Claims for Scoring, POS systems, and other items purchased on Capital contract
    • Capital claims require the contract number and installation date.

For the Replacement Part(s) section, choose Credit Only or Needed based on the desired response for this claim.

The Comments section is used for general information regarding the overall claim.


  • We have multiple machines down, please send parts ASAP.
  • Part failed within the established warranty period.

The Contact Email field is required, and is where all correspondence from Brunswick regarding this claim will be sent to. If an invalid email address is entered, there will be delays in claim processing.

The Billing Information section requires all fields with an asterisk (*) be filled in.

For Shipping Information, the default is assumed that the Shipping Address for parts (if needed) will be the same address as the billing address. If there is a need to ship the parts to a different address, please uncheck the box and fill in the shipping information.

If unchecked, the below fields will appear. Fill out the form as needed with all required information.


Adding Claimed Products to the Warranty Form

The Brunswick Warranty Claim form will allow up to 8 items per form. If you have more items to claim, a separate form will need to be filed.

  • Original Order Number - Needed for Small Goods/Aftermarket orders
  • Date Code - Needed for Lane Oil, Cleaners and other chemicals
  • Quantity - Amount of the product that needs to be addressed under warranty
  • Part Number - Brunswick part number
  • Part Description - Product name from the box or label
  • Problem - Issue with this product the triggered the warranty claim

The Number of Claims selection can be adjusted for the number of items to claim.

In the Attach Files selection, you can click the Choose Files button and then select up to 10 items to upload to Brunswick Warranty. 

Please note: If you have more than 10 attachments combine them into a single file using a file archive utility (e.g., WinZip®, PKZIP®, WinRAR®).

Submitting the Completed Claim Form

When all information is complete - press to submit the claim for processing. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you confirming your submission. Note: If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail your claim was not received.

Sample Claim Notification


Warranty Department Processing of Your Claim

The Brunswick Warranty Department will process your claim in most situations by the next business day. If cases where further information is needed, you will be contacted to provide the necessary information.

If your claim is urgent or you have additional questions, please contact the Warranty Resolution Department directly. 

  • Phone – 800-937-2695 Option 3, Option 2
  • Email -
  • Mail - Brunswick Bowling
    525 West Laketon Ave.
    Muskegon MI, 49441
    Attention Warranty Department

Once a Warranty Administrator has processed your claim, you will receive an email with your Warranty Claim Summary (see sample below). The summary will show the reference number assigned to your warranty claim, list all products claimed, show the claim status, along with any special circumstances such as back orders, and include instructions for returning the defective product if required.



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